Hotel lighting – make yours stand out from the crowd

By 2017

Would you be able to differentiate one hotel from another by the way it’s lit? Many look very similar from the kerb, due to standard lighting techniques being used and no defining features. By making your frontage unique with creative and considered use of light, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

But it’s not just the outside that’s important.

Internally, lighting can make or break the traveller’s hotel experience – something which is illustrated by recent extensive research conducted in London, which suggested that of 10,000 recent hotel reviews, most guests complained about the dim, bad and sparse lighting in their rooms. ‘Standard’ lighting really isn’t acceptable to many well-travelled hotel guests.

Hotels also require different types of lighting, depending on the purpose of each space and the atmosphere that needs to be created. Reception areas should be inviting, restaurants need an intimate atmosphere, bedrooms should have a warm but functional feeling, conference rooms need to be fully equipped for many different uses and spas should have a relaxed feel. It definitely isn’t ‘one type fits all’.

One of the biggest complaints to hotel staff is that guestrooms are inadequately lit to work, apply makeup or simply to see – so it’s our job as lighting designers to work with the hoteliers to light guestrooms, as well as public areas, successfully.

In larger resorts, the outside lighting can also be very hit and miss. Lighting needs to guide a guest around the grounds – it shouldn’t be used to highlight every tree – as well as the main building. A well thought out plan is needed – outdoor areas have the scope to tell a story, make interesting pictures with light, or just guide you around the area.

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