Don’t leave lighting as an afterthought – engage a lighting designer before submitting for planning

By 2017

Many people leave lighting as an afterthought. They’re used to walking into a room, flicking a switch and – voila! – let there be light. There is, of course, very much more to it than that.

Primarily, lighting is functional because we all need to see where we are going and what we are doing. You wouldn’t negotiate a flight of stairs or wield a carving knife in complete darkness. We need good quality lighting at home and in the office for everything we do from reading, working, cooking and eating to having a bath and going to bed. But considering the practicalities doesn’t mean that lighting can’t also have a romance to it. You can easily create, or change, a mood with the right lighting – whether it is intimate, dramatic or lively.

We thoroughly understand the who, what, where, when and why of good lighting. We understand the practical aspects of providing the right light for the right space. But we also appreciate how powerful and transformative it can be, changing a mood and creating a backdrop. Even watching TV can be a different experience if you get the basics right.

But lighting shouldn’t be an after-thought. Good architects should take every element into consideration when working on their designs. Early involvement by a lighting designer, prior to planning, will make a fundamental difference to the architecture – it can even provide inspiration. We understand how natural light impacts on buildings and how to make the best of internal spaces. We are experienced in problem solving too.

It’s so much better to have a lighting scheme in place before work starts on a project, and it can be a part of the initial planning process. Then the lighting is an integral element of a design – a natural, organic, effortless addition to an architect’s creativity.

It also helps clients and the planning department see how the structure will impact on the area and how the lighting will enhance their initial vision for the project.

If you’d like to discuss collaborating with us at the start of a project, then get in touch. We guarantee we’ll help enhance your space.