Remote Designing

By 2017

I often get asked where I’m located, and while I understand that sometimes the client really wants to meet the team they’re working with, I really don’t need to be there in person to complete the design. This allows me to keep my fee low, as I’m able to complete the work remotely.

I start with a set of questions – the answers of which are needed for me to take the design forward. These questions often go to not only the client, but the architects and interior designers as well. They give me a vision of what the lighting needs to do and what the style of the clients’ lifestyle or professional styles are.

I then create a design based on the answers and any other information I research. It is often possible to discuss parts of the projects via phone or video calls, and with cloud technologies I can show my work on the drawings to the design team and clients. This makes it so much better than the expense of flying me to a location.

As I have significant experience in designing lighting systems, I make sure that my designs are always very detailed and easy to install and are discussed before being submitted for construction.

Of course, I can come to the site for any commissioning work, but in the whole, I don’t need to.

So, if you need a professional lighting design and don’t have a big budget, get in touch. It’s all about getting the lighting right and this can only be achieved by having an experienced lighting designer involved with your project.

Please don’t let the lighting suffer by not exploring the possibilities – you’ll be thankful for it in the long run. Architects, please request a lighting designer and prevent having insufficient lighting installed in your projects – help the client achieve the best for their budget.

Now is the time to get it right. Electricians and mechanical and electrical engineers still need to do their work, but you will know that the lighting has been correctly designed for your project and is working to achieve the best for you, your vision and your client.

Make contact with us to get your lighting scheme right.